Client Kickoff Meeting

We meet with the client to talk about the scope of the project, goals, budget, schedule and any other pertinent details about the project.

Existing Digital Assets

We review the client’s current digital assets, including the current website’s content and design, social media, mobile applications, email newsletters, analytics data, marketing plans, brand identity, and any internal/external applications that interface with the website.

Interviews and Surveys

We conduct interviews with key staff members from all departments, and implement online surveys for both staff and current website visitors to elicit comments on the current state of the website, as well as any suggestions for future implementation.

Competitive Analysis

We analyze the websites and other digital media of the client’s competitors and other firms in key industry verticals.

Initial Findings

We gather all collected data and presented an initial findings document that outlines all results from the reviews, interviews, surveys and competitive analysis.

Brainstorming Meeting

We gather key staff and targeted audiences and conduct a brainstorming meeting that allows the individuals the chance to discuss the findings document and add any additional feedback.

Digital Strategy Proposal

We present a digital strategy proposal that outlines all of the goals, audiences, content updates and other changes that will be made to the website or new development of digital media. We will include a suggested schedule and budget estimate for the project.

Request for Proposal

We will develop a Request for Proposal (RFP) that outlines the requirements for the project, including necessary functionality, templates, content updates, platform, hosting, etc.

Managing the RFP Process

We will manage the RFP process, including selecting appropriate firms, answering questions about the RFP, receiving and evaluating the proposals, and managing the firm interview process.

Selecting a Firm

We will help the client in making the selection of the firm, and will assist the process of executing a contract for the project.

Oversight of the Project

We will help the client review and provide feedback on the design comps, review code for functionality, test the site or application for cross-browser/cross-platform compatibility, make sure appropriate metadata is included, etc.

Managing the Launch

We will assist the client in managing the launch of the new site, application or social media strategy and will monitor the results.

Continued Monitoring and Updates

If desired, we can help the client monitor the new site or application by reviewing analytics and other data, or assist in implementing new updates as appropriate.